touro university basketball clinic shooting for peace 2020

Touro University and Shooting For Peace Touch Autism Through Basketball Clinic

Touro University is a prominent University in the health field in Henderson, Nevada. One of their areas of expertise is Autism and they have learned that one of the ways that they are able to bring joy to the kids faces is through the game of basketball. Well, it just so happens locally is an expert in basketball by the name of Jerome “JYD” Williams. Jerome has a foundation by the name of the JYD Project who is also partnered with the NBRPA and their Shooting For Peace initiative. The commonalities between these two organizations is that they are all about giving back to the community, with an emphasis to help the youth.

So what happens when Touro University and the Shooting For Peace program connect….you get beautiful harmony that can be shown in this short recap video below!

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