The Community Vegas Ballers Have Games Live Stream For The Basketball League Games (TBL)

The Vegas Ballers Pro Team, who work with the Shooting For Peace program, are having their games on a live stream for The Basketball League Games (TBL). Communities have grown an affinity for the Vegas Ballers youth and pro team because of their talented players, but also because they take the time to engage the community. Due to the fact that the Vegas Ballers in The Basketball League at times have games on the road, the TBL front office has partnered with the Panda platform to live stream games. The awesome thing is that the games for the Vegas Ballers are not the only games with a live stream attached to them in the TBL. There are two options available, a team pass and a season pass.

The Basketball League Team Pass

The TBL team pass would be the option you choose if you want to only watch a specific team. For example, you are a Vegas Ballers die hard fan and do not care to watch any other team in The Basketball League, then the team pass choice is the choice for YOU!!


The Basketball League Season Pass

The TBL season pass would be the option you choose if you want to have the option of every team in the league. The season pass will allow one to watch every team’s games in The Basketball League on a live stream or on demand if your schedule does not allow you to make the game time.


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