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Vegas Ballers Pro Team and Shooting For Peace

The Shooting For Peace initiative teams up with the Vegas Ballers. The Vegas Ballers operate in multiple capacities. On one front they are amateur basketball team that is partnered with the JYD Project, on the other end they are a professional basketball team which participates in the TBL league. The awesome thing is that Jerome “JYD” Williams of the Shooting For Peace program and other basketball legends are involved with the Vegas Ballers. With them being involved they are constantly educating the athletes on how important it is to give back to the community and keeping the Shooting For Peace program at the forefront of their talks so more people can understand the impact the program has on the youth.

Another way that basketball legends are able to give back is through helping basketball players take stepping stones to a prosperous professional career. They do this is many ways, first if one is good enough they can make the Vegas Ballers pro team and gain a tremendous amount of exposure and experience from the Vegas Ballers organization. The second way is that the team has a connection with Alumni Pros Global Sports which sole mission is to help educate athletes to capitalize on the “Name, Image, and Likeness” (NIL). If an athlete understands the opportunities they have for creating a brand, then they can see many possibilities that have on on the court and as well as off the court.

Further more if someone lives in the Las Vegas area they can learn more about the Vegas Ballers amateur team. In addition, if they think they have what it takes to compete at the professional level they can learn about opportunities that the team has for a spot on the team and/or the staff. Below you will see a video of an upcoming Vegas Ballers Pro team event. If the event has passed then you can learn more by reaching out through the contact information below.


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