las vegas basketball center event hosted by legends shooting for peace2

Las Vegas Basketball Center Live Stream – By Champions Basketball Network

Below is where and how you can gain access to the training taking place at the Las Vegas Basketball Center.

1. Download the the Pixellot App in your app store

Android Users:

Apple Users:

2. Pay the cost ($15) per session.

  • 1st Session – 7am – 4pm
  • 2nd Session – 4pm – 12am

3. Go To The Pixellot App and search for the “Champions Basketball” under the “Club” tab and click “ask to join.” or click the link below. Once payment is verified you will be able to gain access

>>The Cost Is $15 Each Session To View Training <<




**when a session is completed, you will have to pay for the next session and request to join the club again to gain access**

Shooting For Peace Donation Opportunity

If you can find it in your heart to give as well, the youth involved with the Shooting For Peace program would greatly appreciate it as we try to reach our goal!



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